Airport Benefits / Airside operation

Real time and objective runway conditions

  • Less guesswork and more informed decisions
  • One display for the community (CDM) : an overview of the airport to share with all airports stakeholder with standardized information

Optimized runway availability and operational efficiency

  • Optimized winter operations by use of de-icer, scheduling of de-contaminations and operations for friction measurements
  • Optimized runway occupancy time
  • Optimized runway closure by flight delays reduction and improved schedule reliability

Reliable RWYCC management for improved runway safety

  • Decrease of the runway excursion or other incidents
  • Prevent the high speed taxiway slippage
  • Improve overall aviation safety for the community
  • Compliance to regulation change RCAM

Environmental Challenges

  • Fuel savings by runway closure reductio and go-around reduction and runway occupancy time
  • Better de-icing management