Airline Benefits / Safety & Profitability


  • Objective real-time return to pilot to help him and prepare the landing approach phase
  • Awareness of slippery conditions
  • CDM overview capability, with ATC and airport operator on degraded conditions with standardized dashboard

Profitability & Low Carbon

  • Runway closure decrease
  • Airline operations optimization : fuel savings (Reduction in the number of “go-arounds“, reduction of the runway occupancy time)
  • Reduction of the flight delays
  • Less de-icing application


  • Risk mitigation
  • Decrease of the runway excursion or other incidents
  • Prevent the high speed taxiway slippage
  • Improve overall aviation safety for the community
  • On time tool for regulation change RCAM/TALPA/ICAO


  • Only friction measurement related data for an airport are used
  • No trace back to airline, aircraft or pilot is ensured