Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Airports

Last third part of the runway is not frequently reached by the aircraft however aggregating other input sources (Weather/Ground Sensor/Measurement..) provides a continuous reliable assessment of runway conditions.
Runway conditions map provided by Run[waiz] is a key element that contributes to prepare aircraft landing during the approach phase. Objectiveness enhances situation awareness and performance calculation.
Usually of 3 to 10 runway measurements a day are considered enough ; one landing data is considered equivalent and more accurate compared to one traditional runway measure, ensuring a better friction measurement. But it's linked to your performance needs and traffic, we can add without limit more "Aircrafts Braking report.
The benefits for airlines is not seen as a direct one. They rely on ATC to relay the data. Run[waiz] aims at improving reliability in messages sent to pilot.
To answer your question on these marketing & commercial elements, I will contact you, There are a lot of assumptions depending on the airport and your needs.
However we can make an offer with : Installation fixed price / Service fee including access to the dashboard, maintenance, update / aircraft data bundle. Price less than one job worker.
For Braking Report data transmission, several options are available like wifi, 3G, 4G, ACARS,... managed by Run[waiz] directly with airline; all aircraft can support our solution with regular connectivity like already used for safety monitoring, without modification and without aircraft manufacturer validation needed.
Run[waiz] is a decision making tool that will help airport operator to take the best decision with objective data ; it’s the operator who is responsible for taking the final decision in compliance with regulations.
The Run[waiz] service is continuous, using different types of data, among which aircraft data when available and runway sensors or local weather data. The indicator of confidence in the RCC evolves according to time lap parameters.

FAQ for Airlines

No aircraft major modification, no aircraft manufacturer validation either. The airline is free to program, load and process the data.

FAQ for Pilots

The airline owns the braking data ; Airport owns runway sensor and aircraft traffic data.
Run[waiz] ensures confidentiality and anonymized saved data before software computation, no relevant other information than RCC is used or shared with the community.